How To Bid Online

Register to Bid

To become a bidder at AAA Auction, you must register online on our website, Registration requires a valid credit card in your name which is maintained on our secure server. However, when you come to the Auction Barn to pick up your purchase, you may choose to pay for your purchase with cash or a check or even a different credit card.

To place a bid, you will need a bidder number and a password. These remain the same for all of the auctions in which you place a bid. Your bidder number will be e-mailed to you after you fill out the new bidder registration formIf you forget your bidder number or your password, our system can remind you what they are. Once you have your bidder number, you are ready to bid.

After you get your bidder number, go to our home page, where we have links to our auctions. Clicking on one of those links will bring up the "Auction Details" page for that particular auction. The Auction Details page highlights some of the items in that auction; provides category links; and shows the dates and times for preview, closing, and pick-up. It also provides shipping information and indicates whether Minnesota sales tax will be charged. Also included are the auction terms and map directions.

Buy It Now

Some items may display a Buy it Now option. If you would prefer to pay the price listed for the item and avoid bidding, then click on the Buy it Now link. You will then see a page that asks you to confirm your Buy it Now bid. You must then click on the small grey box at the end of the sentence asking for your confirmation. Then you will need to hit the Buy it Now box a second time. After that your bidder number will be displayed on the auction for that item, but you may have to refresh your computer first. You should then pay for and pick up your item at the regularly scheduled pick-up time for that auction.


If you are a re-seller, you must present us with a Tax Exempt form at the time of payment to avoid paying sales tax.

View Photos, Descriptions, and Bid Boxes

Next, click on the CLICK HERE TO BID link. This will show you the items in the auction. There will usually be 50 displayed per page. Scroll down to view all 50 items on the page. You can also click on the small photo of the item to enlarge that photo and also to see other photos of that item. When you have looked at all 50 items, then advance to the next page of the auction by clicking on the page button at the bottom of each page. There are also "Previous page" and "Next page" links above the first item at the top of each page.

If you would like to narrow your search to items of a special category, you can go to the Auction Details page and click on the category that interests you. That way, you will only see items that we have placed in that category. You may also enter a word into the search box at the top of the Auction Details page and all items with the word will appear.

Bid Increments

Our software will tell you what the minimum required bid is on every item. Basically, when the bids are low, so are the required bid amounts. When the bid is high, the required bids are higher. The chart below shows the required bid increments:

Price Bid Increment
$2 $1
$16 $2.50
$101 $5
$301 $10
$501 $25
$1,001 $50
$3,001 $100
$10,001 $250
$20,001 $500
Over $35,000 $1,000

Email Notification

Our software will tell you what the next required bid is on any item. If someone outbids you, you will receive an email informing you of that fact; however, no e-mail out bid notices will be sent after the auction starts to close. Also, if you try to enter a bid that is less than the required amount, our system will advise you that your bid has not been accepted.

Maximum Bids

You may enter the largest amount you are willing to pay for an item in the Max Bid box. The amount entered must be at least equal to the next required bid. Our auction software will place the lowest bid necessary, and then will bid on your behalf in predetermined increments up to the amount of your Max Bid. You may increase your Max Bid, but no decreases are allowed. There is a link to the increments at the bottom of each bidding page. If two people each place a Max Bid, then the higher Max Bid cancels out the lower Max Bid, even if the difference is as small as one penny.

Maximum bids are confidential. They are similar to asking a friend to go to a live auction and bid for you up to a maximum amount. Your friend would not be required to tell anyone how high he is willing to bid and likewise our system obviously does not publish the amounts of the maximum bids you ask our system to place for you.

Because no one can see anyone else’s maximum bids, the bid history page that is available to everyone may sometimes look as though the price has jumped up without out any bidding. This never happens. For example if bidder #1 bids $2 and places a maximum bid of $10, the computer will show that the next required bid is $3. If bidder #2 then bids $3 and places a maximum bid of $9, the computer will then put bidder #1 in for his maximum bid of $10. If that is the last bid of the auction bidder #1 will win the item for $10, and the bid history page will state that there was a maximum bid placed which resulted in the final winning amount bid.

Review Items

To review items on which you have bid, go to the bottom of any page of the active auction and enter your bidding number and password. Then click "Review Bids". You will see a red triangle on each item for which you have been outbid.

Auction Closing Times / Refresh Browser To See Current Bid

Our online auctions close at the rate of ten items per minute, starting at the time given on the main page for the auction that is closing. For example, if the scheduled closing time is 7:30 p.m.; items 1-10 will close at 7:30 p.m.; items 11-20 will close at 7:31 p.m., and so on until all items have closed. After the auction starts to close, no "You're been outbid" e-mails are sent. To make sure you are aware of the current bid amount during closing, you should refresh your browser frequently. If you fail to do that, your own screen may not show the correct total. In other words, you may think you are the high bidder when you are not.

Bidding Time Extension

Bidding remains open on any item for a minimum of two minutes and a maximum of three minutes from the last recorded bid time on that item, even if the scheduled closing time has been reached for that item. These closing-time extensions continue until no new bid is placed during the extended bidding time. This feature makes online bidding more like bidding at a live auction. You can always put in a Max Bid (see above) so you don't have to worry about bidding at the end of the auction. Note: Our software records the time of a bid as Eastern Time (ET). All other times are in Central Time.

Buyer's Premium

Buyers pay a 15% buyer's premium on all auction purchases. An addition of 3% is charged for paying with a credit card. The buyer's premium is taxable.


High bidders will receive an e-mailed invoice by 12 p.m. the day after the auction closes. We will also have a copy of the invoice at the pick-up location.

Credit Cards

We reserve the right at our discretion to require credit card information to guarantee some bids. These may include out of the area bidders, large bids, bids from people who have failed to pick up items in the past and so on. Failure to provide credit card information when requested to do so may result in your bid being rejected.


Please note that the staff at AAA Auction is not authorized to help customers load or unload their items. However, if someone from AAA Auction volunteers to assist you with loading or unloading, you agree to hold that person and AAA Auction harmless for any injury or damages that may result.